Welcome to the 2014 Vermonster Team Challenge

We are excited to roll out our third year of The Vermonster, and since last year’s team challenge went so well we are sticking with that format. In 2014 we will have two team categories available:

Open Team – 2 Female/2 Male – Saturday & Sunday

The Open category is designed for intermediate to advanced level CrossFitters. Athletes must have strong weightlifting and gymnastics skills, but there will be no minimum work requirements so teams can make up for individual gaps in movements or weight. Workouts will be designed to test strength, skill and work capacity.

Rec Team – 2 Female/2 Male – Saturday Only

The Rec category is for beginner to intermediate level CrossFitters or experienced Boot Camp participants. Athletes should have a solid grasp on fundamentals like squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, box jumps and similar movements. Workouts will be designed to be inclusive, challenging and fun.

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